Door Barricade

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This door locking device is designed to barricade a door and prevent or significantly hinder an intruder from getting to you or your loved ones.  Refer to our videos for more information.

Installation is relatively easy.  Do it yourself in a few minutes or hire a handyman to do it for you.

Phase 1 – Mount Device to Door (all doors)


  1. Open door.
  2. Hang pre-assembled device on door.
  3. Slide lower mounting bracket into place on bottom of door.
  4. Align holes on lower mounting bracket with holes on bottom of device and secure with Phillips head screws (included).

Phase 2 – Attach Door Bar Holders (only for doors that open inwardly)


  1. Close the door and move the barricade into the locked position.
  2. Place door bar holders (included) above the upper and lower barricade bars on one side of the door and below the upper and lower barricade bars on the other side of the door. Locate the door frame and mark the location to drill pilot holes.
  3. Use a 3/16” drill bit to drill pilot holes into the door frame.
  4. Mount door bar holders to door frame using 3/8” lag bolts (included).